Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a spray paint party!

Hey hey! We’ve been dealing with a blue screen of death around here tonight – but Hubs saved the day. :) And then Live Writer decided to hate this post looks a little different because I'm publishing in Blogger. Because I’m getting this up later than I had hoped, this will be a quick post, so you all can get to linkin’!
I'm just glad to have it GO UP. 

Today’s party is the last in the Spring Fling linkies we’ve been hosting over the past couple of weeks:
So today’s project is pretty much as basic as it gets, but it’s a goody. :)

I’m on a mission to have every one of you try spray painting, and hopefully this will convince you.
I’ve been wanting a much taller lamp on our foyer table for ages now. I found one at Goodwill a few weeks ago, brought it home but the light it didn’t work. ARGH.
Found this one the other day, and it’s almost identical:
It was super tall, very heavy and substantial and all kinds of brassy goodness. ;) AND $10 -- is Goodwill getting more expensive or is it me?

I love these older brass lamps because their lines are just beautiful – I think it’s hard to find them like this anymore.

I took it outside to the garage (on an old sheet) and gave it a quick prime:
I used the Valspar version till I ran out, then used the BIN. But I usually only use the BIN primer on something that will get lots of wear and tear, like a chair. It’s mega expensive (for primer), so don’t worry about that for most projects.

Then I gave it a quick coat of brushed nickel spray paint:
And people…that. is. it. 
For all that is good, go get some spray paint!! ;)

I grabbed a lamp shade that’s been in the family room for about a year now:
 I found it at HomeGoods and LOVE IT. It’s so funny though, because the grey spots used to be blue – the sun has bleached them out. So the grey color is a PERFECT match to the new lamp:
It was meant to be. ;)
Actually, I’d rather the shade be a bit taller, but I’m not complaining, since I was using what I had!

It looks SO much better than the shorty glass lamp I had there before:
 So there’s my latest spray paint transformation for ya:
My quick do’s for spray painting:
DO use short, quick sprays.
DO shake the can really well, and here and there throughout your project
DO spray paint in the garage (with the door open) or outside
DO use eye protection and a mask if you are concerned about fumes!
I hope that helps if you are just trying out!

Now, let’s see your spray paint projects! I would appreciate a link back to this post, and if you want you can add this pretty button:


  1. Oh I LOVE that lamp, Sarah! I have some I bought at a garage sale last year, that I've been wanting to re-do! That paint will be perfect!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. That lamp looks great! Thanks for hosting the party!

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  4. Great the lamp!

  5. Your lamp looks great! Thanks for hosting!

  6. First, yes Goodwill is getting a bit pricey! I mean I know it's still cheaper than retail but c'mon, let's keep it cheap! Second, I could NOT imagine my life without spray paint. Sad but true. Third) LOVE this lamp makeover! Definitely prefer the silver and you made it look so easy! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Love the lamp! By the way, have you ever spray painted door knobs? The builder in our home installed one silver and one gold door knob in our master bathroom, and it drives me nuts! Not sure whether to switch one out, or to spray paint the gold one silver. Plus, I would love to make the gold knob on our front door black.

  8. Looks cute! Love the shade. I love the spray paint. In fact, I probably have different speckled colors in my lungs...that's not funny, but true! I try to wear a mask when I remember. Thanks for the party.

  9. Your lamp is so beautiful! Thank you for hosting!

  10. Your lamp is gorgeous, Sarah! I love, love your shade!

  11. Your lamp looks wonderful! How cool is it that the shade faded to the perfect color for you! :) Thanks for hosting the party- I used the old tried & true Heirloom White on my framed key project- is that blase' now?

  12. I swear I picked up the exact same lamp a few weeks back at a GW around here, and the price was the same! Must be a goodwill staple item!

  13. Hi Sarah,
    Love, love, love the lamp shade with the newly painted lamp. It is totally not just you, Goodwill has jacked up their prices, big time! Bummer.

  14. Thank you for hosting! I finished up the last details on my Spring mantel today, spray painting some candle holders in Heirloom White, of course. Just in time for your party! YAY! :)

  15. I LOVE spray paint. I'm not claiming to be accomplished or anything but I painted a wicker clothes basket to match my new furniture and it looks perfect.Thanks for all the great tips!

  16. Cute lamp! Love that shade! And for real, GW is getting so out of control expensive here in AZ, I rarely even shop there anymore.

  17. Love your lamp makeover. Thanks for hosting.

  18. Yes Goodwill is getting a bit pricey. Which I don't understand, as everything is donated, the economy is bad, yet they are jacking up the prices, like unbelievable in my area! I've stopped shopping one Goodwill mega store because they have outpriced my budget.

    Jocelyn @

  19. Great lamp!! I love spray paint :)

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  20. I love the lamp, it looks great! You've inspired me to Finally paint the rocker for my sons room that I have been putting off :)

  21. Awesome girl, gotsta love that spray paint! Love the lamp, thanks for hosting! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  22. Lamp turned out gorgeous! And no flipping kidding, goodwill is totally getting expensive! I feel like it's a better deal to just shop sales at retail stores. But I keep hunting for those rare golden goodwill finds. Can't help it. Thanks for hosting!! :)

  23. Looking good! What a fun idea for a link party! I heart spray paint. I couldn't pick one spray paint project so I ended up linking up a bunch. Thanks for hosting.

  24. You should see the salvation army prices...crazyyyyyyyyy ..the other day they had a metal black IKEA table for 35$ and you can buy it new at IKEA for 19$ !!!!

  25. Hi! New poster here, but not a new visitor.... have bookmarked a bajillion of your projects... so far. LOL Just wanted to say lamp looks FAB; I had a pair from WM, sprayed them ORB and they turned out great! So yes, whoever asked, you CAN spray paint doorknobs too. And bathroom faucets. :)

    Oh, and I know this was from last yr: "I wanted to add some potato vine (vinca vine is too skimpy) – but I can’t find it anywhere." I'm so surprised that you don't grow your own?? LOL Seriously. Get a sweet potato, put the pointy end in a glass of water, wait for roots, then plant it. :) Yes, really! Google it! I LOVE that vine! so easy to grow, and looks awesome!

    I ended up reading almost your entire blog this go-round; after seeing your deck project (which looks *very* similar to our deck) along with the fact that our bestest friends/neighbors bought a new hot tub last week and are giving us their old one; and we re-built our then-skimpy deck last year and also added on to it, (and will be adding another section this year) AND we ALSO got a gazebo last year on clearance (hubby's idea)... and by then I felt like I was reading MY blog except that I don't HAVE ONE!!! LOL! We apparently have lots in common, even Indiana... I was born/lived there til about 4 years ago when I moved to Tennessee... lived in Indy for about 10 years. Small world! Eww, sorry; didn't mean to monopolize your blog. GREAT projects, LOVE your ideas and your blog, keep 'em coming! :)

    Gawd. Now it's gonna ask me for my Google acct to sign in and I don't remember what it is. ::sigh::

  26. Thanks for hosting Sarah - and such good timing, I just posted about "Spray Painting Safety" in my post this week!! :)

  27. Thanks Sarah for hosting! Your lamp turned out cute. I have a similar one but I can't find a tall enough shade! They sure did make those brass lamps tall back then! :)
    ~ Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  28. Wow Sarah, that looks fantastic! Such a cheap makeover, but it looks fabulous!! Thanks for hosting :)

  29. Fabulous as always my dear! I just linked up after seeing that Layla linked up with her NON-SPRAY PAINT board thingy... and i thought, WAIT! if Layla linked up with real paint, then i am going to be like her and do the same and then all will be right in the world and i will be able to join Sarah's party!!

    actually, it really wasn't that exciting of a moment. It wasn't. I'm just an excited person.

    -angie @ seriouslyahomemaker (who is soon to be Angie in the Thick of It... as soon as her designer finished up the dang new site..., so like, maybe only in my dreams)

  30. Your lamp looks fantastic! Bravo!

    Thank you so very much for hosting.

  31. It's beautiful! Looks like a $50-plus dollar lamp!

  32. I love this about you--not just "isn't this pretty?" but "here's how it got that way, and you can do it too" :) And yeah, that nickel with that shade is a winner.

  33. Thanks for hosting, Sarah!
    Yes, a lot of thrift stores are getting a little pricey. But, $10 is still a great deal for such a large and solid lamp! Great SCORE! And you did a FANTASTIC job on the color and shade.


    Happy Spring,

  34. I have been inspired by your fine example to expand my spray painting (but don't have anything to share today because my last attempt - turning silver and black curtain rods to white - didn't turn out so well. But I didn't use primer...that may be the problem).

    But, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I cannot cope with you spray-painting real, solid brass. That lamp's original finish is not only beautiful and GENUINE, but very expensive. Covering it up with spray paint (not real metal!) in a color that happens to be briefly trendy is just so tragic I can't describe it. When I see something that I would want to change in a way that I know destroys its true value (i.e., I need picture frames in gold, and I'm willing to rub-'n'-buff them to the right color, and last week I saw one in a great shape and detail, but it was heavy, solid hardwood, with beautiful antique carvings, and it is WRONG to paint over that with some sort of cheap faux finish), then I leave it where it is in hopes that someone will buy it who can show off its real beauty, and I find something that's either worth little and I can redo, or that already is what I want it to be.

    I know I am being preachy and I hope I am not being mean, but I think there is a difference between "pretty" and "decorated" and beautiful that will be beautiful FOREVER. Given that you do so much work (including scratch carpentry) yourself, I know you appreciate the value of the craftsman's labor.

    1. What you consider beautiful is different from what I consider beautiful. I can definitely appreciate brass in some instances, but this one was not one of them. If it is what you like, then I hope you will use it in your home. I'll continue to do what I like in mine. :)

  35. I'm getting so many good ideas for my new addiction (spray painting!)


  36. I am so glad to not have a Home Goods near me... I always LOVE their stuff. That lamp shade is awesome and the lamp looks so much better spray painted!

  37. Thanks for the tips!!! And for hosting of course!

  38. Turned out great! I swea the last few times I've gone to Goodwill I've thought the same thing!

  39. I love the lamp, such a nice redo! I did a lamp also, can't wait to post it too before the party closes!

  40. Great job on the lamp, Sarah! That shade goes so well with it!

    Oh, and I feel your pain with the blue screen of death + live writer issues.

    I've had live writer eat two entire about-to-hit-publish posts just in the last week alone, and they were both crazy picture-heavy and therefore a major pain in the bohonkus to redo.


    And the love/hate relationship with technology continues!

  41. Yes, Goodwill is getting MORE EXPENSIVE!!! I saw an "antique" buffet (circa 1980s) in poor condition with probable water damage...lots of peeling and missing veneer around the bottom. The price? $199!!!

  42. Thanks for hosting such a great party Sarah! So many great projects and blogs! You rock!

  43. I love your lamp! What an amazing transformation! Thank for hosting! It's always fun to see the other's great ideas!

  44. Oh my goodness that lamp shade rocks!! It looks great to with the new fab lamp color :)

  45. LOVE THIS! I have a "brass looking" chandelier that I have wanted to spray a brushed pewter color for ages and now you have given me the courage to do it! Even my hubby got inspired when I showed him your lamp! You go, Sarah! Thanks for all these great ideas. You have brought creativity back!!!

  46. Love the lamp! And yes, Goodwill has gotten expensive. It helps to join the Goodwill Boosters (you get 50% off coupons) or, in my case, to have a senior citizen mother who gets 50% discounts.

  47. Love the lamp. LOVE spray paint. & YES, GW has gotten expensive.

  48. What a nice page you have here, i love it! thanks for sharing...more power to you!

  49. Yes, price inflation has set in at all the thrift stores in my area. Sometimes I look at something and the price and think "you must be kidding." It's a shame really. And "vintage" is NOT a synonym for "used."

  50. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks so much for hosting this linky party with the other three awesomely talents women. You ladies are the best!
    I LOVE your lamp. Very cute!
    Happy Spring!

  51. Por favor, alguém POR FAVOR me susterá voltar entre atirar o computador em um lago. Lutei com um computador durante toda a semana e agora estou na nossa mentalidade arcaica e cabo de alimentação é levantado por isso desliga aleatoriamente enquanto eu tipo. …Como agora. Tecnologia odeia-me...........?

  52. Your computers hate me post has "Comments Disabled" turned on ...

    ... was that intentional? Or another nail in the coffin of why computers hate you?



  53. Thanks for hosting! This is not only the first link party I've ever participated in, but the project was also my first spray paint redux. Lots of firsts!

    Love love your blog and love the brushed nickel on the lamp. The shade is perfect for it!

    What kind of brushed nickel spray paint do you use?


  54. I actually JUST completed a spray paint project yesterday. I had his beautiful, old, anique chair that I'd purchased around a year ago and had just placed on the back burner. :/ Anyhoo, I grabbed some spray paint while out and about Sunday afternoon and went to town. The link to the re-do is ( I'd love for you to check it out! :) Thans for all of the inspiration. You're my "go to" blogger for ideas!

  55. OMG I about fell out of my chair because... I bought the same lamp from Goodwill a couple weeks ago for $10 as well and I thought it was so expensive but I love the lines as well. And of course I'm going to be spray painting it. I just bought my primer and I'm spray painting it a bright yellow : ) My new favorite colors are gray & yellow so this will be going in my living room : ) So glad to know I can come to your page for the first hand knowledge. Thanks for sharing! Looks so great!!

  56. The lamp looks great! Do you think this can work on wood frames that are gold? I would like to spray them a pewter color. I would be so happy if they could transform as beautifully as your lamp. Thanks for sharing.


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