Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend ramblings

Bear with me folks, it’s one of those posts with no real point and not much focus. ;)

Excuse me while I ramble a bit.

You know the list? The one with a meeeellion projects I want to get done in less than 30 days? Well, I’ve been SUPER busy.

I’ve accomplished three things on the list and about ten that aren’t. That is how I roll. :)

I’m gearing up for a TON of painting and need to figure out the direction I’m going in the dining room. I have been meaning to go to the fabric store and just take some time checking out potential drapery fabrics that can serve as inspiration.

I was leaning toward a blue/grey color for the back of the built ins (the someday built ins) and it’s an awesome color. But then I saw this in House Beautiful:


And I can’t get that combo of colors out of my mind! I think the pink color is actually a little more red in the magazine. I can’t stop thinking about it and think it could be gorgeous as the background color for the bookshelves. (Here, let me say “think” one more time…think.)

I don’t want it to go girly, and I don’t want red, but I love the idea of an in between color like that. I just love that combo of cream, greys, brown and pinky red. It’s beautiful!

Speaking of paint, remember how much I loved the Sherwin Williams paint on the kitchen island? Well their paints are 30 percent off through the weekend if you are a preferred customer. (At least at my store.) All you have to do to become a preferred customer is give an email address! (I’m pretty sure anyway. I may know nothing.)

You bet I will be stocking up on the basement paint! Yay for deals!! Nay for painting the basement!!

And speaking of girly, did you hear Jessica Simpson had her baby girl this week? Did it feel like she was pregnant for 30 months to anyone else or was it just me? Congrats to her!

On a totally different note, I picked up two new-to-me books today, and I’m really looking forward to reading this one:

I’ve heard it’s excellent. Have you read it? I’m not big into non-fiction but every once and a while I find them very worthwhile. My hubby, on the other hand, only reads non-fiction! (I’m trying to get him to read Hunger Games to no avail.)

Thanks to you all, I have learned a TON about hydrangeas over the past 24 hours! (Check out this post for more info.) Today, thanks to the very helpful folks at a local nursery, I picked up a couple new hydrangea bushes and learned a bit more:


The staff at Andrea’s Garden Center (at 65 and Binford for you Indy folks) were super helpful. (Hey Mari! Waving wildly!) I replanted three of my sad, pathetic bushes today and have the two new ones in a spot where I think they will do well. I’ll be sure to give you an update on those soon! Cross your fingers! And toes.

Do you have any Cinco de Mayo plans? After the hubs and I are done at a high school function he has to attend, we are planning to get out for at least one margarita. It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t -- gotta stay true to his heritage. :) (My father-in-law was from Mexico.)

I found this recipe the other day for margarita cupcakes and am gathering the ingredients and making them tomorrow:

Oh my goodNESS. I’m a marg girl so these sound divine to me. I’ll be sure to report back and let you know how they turn out. It’s my civic duty as a blogger you know. It’s rough, but someone’s gotta do it.

So, have you painted a wall pinkish? Tried the margarita cupcakes? Got a good non-fiction book you loved? Fun plans for the weekend? I’d love to hear!

If I don’t talk to you before then, have a fabulous weekend! Adios amigos! ;)


  1. I LOVE all those neutrals together but honestly I think the redish pink would be the pop not the color behind the shelves. Imagine some really pretty floral with those colors for the pillows, Di-VINE!!!! singing here!!!

  2. I'm not sure on the paint colors because that room is so open to the rest of the house. I'm thinking it would clash with the colors in the the living room. Maybe as an accent color, you could do that pinkish/red but not as a major paint color in the room. I like the blueish grey color idea and it could still fit in with that palette. PLUS, you will most likely tire of a color like that in a year or 2.

  3. I have painted a spare room "pinkish" - I think it was Martin Senour's A Dozen Roses. Nice color, but O. M. G. 4 coats. I like it, but I will never paint a wall a dark color ever again.
    But if I read you right, you were thinking back of the shelves, right? I think it would be lovely. Seriously. But you should always do what is right to you.

    1. Red is what's called a "low-hide" colour, meaning it usually needs an extra coat or two to cover. Yellow and orange are also low hide. Dark neutrals, like chocolate, will cover in two the same as beige would, unless your paint really sucks. Sometimes basecoating can help. Use flat paint, not primer because primer doesn't cover colour very well. Your finish paint will go onto flat heavier than a shinier paint. Use grey for red, and white for yellow or orange.
      If your worried about a colour being low hide, ask the retailer, they should know or be able to check it on their computer or in a colour fan/deck. Good luck!

  4. Pink is my favorite color. I love the paint colors including the pink. I have never painted anything pink in my house, so I would love to see it done for inspiration. I cant wait to see what you end up doing.

    Jessica Simpson seemed prego forever! I started to feel bad for her. I dont care for the name she picked for her daughter. But to each is own right.

  5. I'm in my best friends wedding on Cinco de Mayo! We're having a nacho bar for the appetizers to pay homage to the day!

  6. I'm in my best friends wedding on Cinco de Mayo! We're having a nacho bar for the appetizers to pay homage to the day!

  7. I'm in my best friends wedding on Cinco de Mayo! We're having a nacho bar for the appetizers to pay homage to the day!

  8. Ive made those exact cupcakes...yay for pinterest...and they were so good. I did the little lim wedge and umbrella in the frosting. So flippin cute!! Although I made them virgin since we had a prego at the party. You will have to let us know how they are with alcohol!! Have a great weekend.

  9. Good luck on the hydrangeas. Hopefully you'll get some pretty blooms this year. :)

    Non-fiction book I LOVE? The China Study. But only read it if you're ready to give up meat and dairy - because you'll really want to when you're done with it. :)

    I think the pink is a go. And hey - it's only paint. If you don't love it, just change it up. :)

  10. My hydrangeas look like yours, sticks with some holey leaves, and I've had mine in the ground for years and no growth or improvement. Yet, my azaleas are gorgeous.
    As far as the pink, I don't know, but that's me, gray is me being bold!
    Those cupcakes look and sound so good but I'm not a cook and the only ingredients on the list that I have is the salt, tequila and lime. Go figure!

  11. Some of my favorite non-fiction books...

    "The Working Poor"
    "Nickeled and Dimed"
    "The Education of a WASP"

  12. The hunger games were the best! The cupcakes sound divine ... if they are good ... pass on the recipe :) I am painting and building. Isn't that every weekend? LOL

  13. i am beyond interested in reading "boys adrift" and just ordered it on! THANKS for the heads up. one of my fave non-fic books ever was "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. my son read it too, and we've had many great discussions about it! you will not be disappointed. :o)

  14. In love with the colors...and think the pink would be luscious at the back of the shelves!!! Gonna follow the progress of the hydras...I've never had luck with them either....but it is HOT here in Texas so I think mine is a water quantity issue. Agree with the margarita idea, although my only connection to Mexico is that I've been there for vacation. I love my BFF 'RITA'!!!!!

  15. I have read Boys Adrift and think he offers a lot of very useful information. Much of it was consistent with material I learned in some staff development courses and other books I have read, so I feel like the majority was accurate (since multiple reputable but separate sources are in agreement). I hope you'll share your thoughts when you're done!

  16. I love this post! You sound like me :-) Heehee! I just got a kindle fire so I've been loading all the books I can on there, who knows if I'll ever get to them all. :-) Hubby work on cinco de mayo so we'll have to save our margarita for cinco de sixo. Haha! Have a great weekend!

  17. OMG... I went to the website for the cupcake recipe and I just printed off a dozen recipes! That site is dangerous. LOL

    I'm having an entire Cinco de Mayo meal tomorrow.... fish tacos, jalapeno popper dip, homemade salsa with chips and margarita cupcakes.

  18. I love the colors in the painting....i LOVE margaritas....just like you. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY.... I had a huge blow up with my 15 year old son yesterday. He's beautiful, he's very bright and capable, he is charming and he's a social butterfly (in a good way). All of my adult friends continually tell me how much they enjoy him....that he can carry on a conversation with them and that his heart is HUGE! He's compassionate, caring and loving. His teachers ADORE him. He's failing Honors Biology and Honors English. I do not expect perfection - I'd be happy as punch with a C....(even though I know he could do much better).....I'm exhausted. I offer help, I offer tutoring, I take it way too personal. I have taken away privileges. NOTHING seems to help. So, this morning, through tears as I drove to work and thanked God for what a wonderful young man he is ..... I prayed and prayed and prayed for guidance.

    Log onto my google reader briefly from work and what did I find????? Your book recommendation. Divine intervention? Answer to my prayers.....? I am saying so....and placed on order to be sent to my kindle. Can't wait to dive in and hopefully, find some much needed answers and much understanding.

    Thanks for being the vessel today! :)

    1. Oh my goodness...just wandered onto this blog after searching terrariums on Pinterest and saw the recommendation for the Sax book. I too have a gorgeous, kind, funny, almost 14 year old son who is failing just about every class he is in. Also super bright, he tests in the high 90 percentiles...but FAILING! Just like you, we have lectured, threatened, confiscated, bribed, reasoned, etc etc all to no affect. I too was driving home in tears yesterday wondering how I have failed as a parent.
      I am going to order the book right now...I am praying that perhaps there are some answers we need. Good luck to you and your son!

  19. Is your dining room open to the living room or kitchen? If so the pinkish/red color just won't flow. So NO to the pink/red. They're beautiful colors, maybe for a bedroom, but no to the dining room. Just sit on it awhile longer. A new inspiration will come to you.

  20. I agree pink may not be the best color, how about grays or blues. Have a great weekend!

  21. check out Making It Lovely blog home tour. she uses a paler pink in some of her rooms and grays and browns, too. you could always paint foam core boards any color and place in the book shelves to see what you like. easily changeable.

  22. On Books: One day a book arrived unannounced from Amazon, from my sister. Odd. But I read it. AMAZING!! It's called Same Different As Me, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.
    I read Hunger Games - GREAT Story. My husband stayed up until 1:30am, unknowing, to finish it.
    My daughter, home from college, started it last night at bedtime, and finally done, went to bed at 5:30am!!

  23. Hi Sarah ~ You know I've been reading your blog ever since you had it. I hardly ever comment because I don't have a blog myself, and I never know what to say. :/ But I digress...

    I like those colors together. I especially love the grey with the coral. I don't think it will be too girly because it's just the accent color on the back. But I am sure whatever you do will be beautiful.

    I love books of all kinds. I will have to pick that one up. I am a total nerd and love reading books that can help solve a problem. I love the book "So You Want to Raise a Boy" by Cleon Skousen. He goes from birth to adulthood and explains how boys are different emotionally, mentally, psychologically, etc. And it breaks it down by age and the different stages they go thru. I refer to it often when I am wondering why my little guy is being funny. lol.

    I am trying to get my husband to read the Hunger Games too because I told him it was "manly" enough for a guy to read. :)

  24. I love everything about your house and your blog, but I have to say I'm not a fan of pink, even pinky-red. I know you have waaaaay fewer qualms about changing up paint color than I do, but I remember when my mom went all pink in our house in the nineties, and it just doesn't age well. It becomes dinge-y and, well, when it stops being trendy, it's awful.

    I must add that there are a lot of projects you have embarked upon that I would have found daunting and they've all turned out super fabulous, so if you go pinky-red, I'm sure you know what you're doing!

  25. As much as I love the deep rosey raspberry color, not so much in larger amounts! Definitely would make for awesome pillows, flowers, wall art. As far as the color palette on the whole, just can't do the dark brown, but love the lighter colors. Think a grey would be great in there wither for backs of built-ins if doing a "white" room or for the walls!

    The book that I appreciated most as I raised my son was "Raising Sons" - I think possibly by James Dobson - I learned quite a bit that helped both of us make it through some tulmultuous times (i.e. teen years) and come out the other end victorious!

    I'm in CT with a clay soil and my hydrangeas get full sun and are doing well. I have 2 mopheads and 1 varigated leaf lacecap. Except for water, I fertilize by flowers gardens once, maybe twice a season. For blues and into possible purples, add used coffee grounds to the soil to change the PH.


  26. I love the color combo..and like another said, it's just paint, so if you don't like it, you can change it. I say go for it!

  27. I always listen to non-fiction audio books, man they make the time fly by and I always learn lots of cool things. Some how I just can read 'em. I always end up falling asleep.

  28. Thanks lot for this useful article, nice post

  29. I've got that same margarita cupcake recipe printed and plan to make them tonight for a Cinco de Mayo gathering tomorrow night. Fingers crossed for both of us to have success!

  30. I love the colour combination - that so-gorgeous pink and the beautiful coffee and creamy First Love. I think it will look absolutely lovely in your dining room. And thanks for sharing the margarita cupcake recipe; I will definitely be trying this.

  31. My husband also only reads non-fiction. He's a pastor, so it mostly books on theology. He said he would go see the Hunger Games with me, though. :)

  32. Ace Hardware is giving away free quarts of paint this weekend - why not test your 'not quite pink, not yet red' theory out for free?? :)

  33. Hmmm... I like the colour pallet and think it will work with your living room, if I remember the colours in there right. But I think the pink/red might dominate a little too much. It might work though, once all your shelves are full of books you might not see much of the pink anymore.

    I think I would paint the walls the tan colour, with the grey at the back of the shelves, stain the wood a chocolate, and then use pink for some accent pieces around the room. You could use spray paint on some stuff like a vase or candlesticks or whatever, to bring in the pink instead.

    I'm sure whatever you do will look fantastic. Your whole house is so beautiful! I can't wait to see how your library turns out, I want to do something very simmiliar in our basement.

  34. I have a warm pink living room, and I swear it's not super girly. It feels very calming, and unique and not ridiculous. I love it, and so does my husband (who also isn't into frilly). People compliment it all the time.

    There are pictures on my blog, if you're curious (I can't link to them as I'm typing on my ipad.) I'm sure whatever you choose will look amazing!

  35. I ordered your book recommendation yesterday and I've read about half so far. I think it makes a lot of sense. We searched and searched for the "right" school for my son last year but in the end I felt we used the wrong criteria. We had already decided to move him but this book confirmed our thoughts. Thanks for the recommendation!


    P.S. I wish this had spell check haha

  36. Oops. A girly place. ;-) Better keep surfing. Very cool blog. Adios!

  37. My brother rented a place with bubblicious pink walls that he of course couldnt paint. It was totally weird at first but I came to super love it. I would so put it in my house as I'm not a neutral person...but I'm sure my husband would never agree.

  38. Those colors together rock! Go for it! That pink/red color in the background would be a statement and make any pieces you put in the built-ins pop! On a different note, I have 2 boys, one son and one step-son that I am worried about--and I think that book needs to be mine! I am going to go look for it. That title is exactly what it seems like is going on! I am a teacher by day, new blogger by night, and I see so many boys at school with so much potential and they seem unmotivated and "adrift". Thanks for your great weekend ramblings and for featuring that book!

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